Septic Service in Mooresville NC

Avoid nightmarish septic problems by depending on Rooter Man Plumbers in Mooresville NC that specialize in septic system repair and pumping services. The best way to keep your septic system working properly is by scheduling regular septic service and maintenance with our plumbing company. Doing so prevents unpleasant problems as well as health risks for your family.

Mooresville NC Septic Pumping

Unlike homes or businesses that are hooked up to the main sewer system, your septic tank requires regular maintenance. Regular septic pumping in Mooresville NC prevents solids from overflowing your tank, running into the drainfield, and clogging soil pores.

Substances such as household cleaners, detergents, and soaps wreak havoc on your septic system. A septic tank that has reached its capacity can cause backups and even burst the tank.
Rooter Man Plumbers removes waste, non-biodegradable objects, and harmful substances from your tank in order to prevent expensive repairs.


Septic System Inspection Mooresville NC

How is your septic system holding up under the load? Our certified Title V septic inspectors offer septic system inspection for home and business owners in Mooresville NC. Because septic tank inspections require specific training, it's important to use skilled professionals for the job. We help to determine if your tank needs to be pumped, repaired, or replaced. Whatever the assessment, our goal is to provide effective and affordable solutions for you.

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Septic System Repair Mooresville NC

Your septic system is composed of two parts: a septic tank and a drain field. The tank holds solid wastes. The drain field is an underground component that channels liquid waste out of your tank to be absorbed by the soil. When these components aren't working correctly, you need prompt septic system repair in Mooresville NC.

Most septic tanks are concrete, plastic, or fiberglass. While they can last as long as 50 years, if they are not maintained properly, you may need Mooresville NC septic tank repair before that time. You can always expect dependable, quality, and efficient work when you rely on Rooter Man Plumbers for septic system and septic tank repair services.

Contact Rooter Man Plumbers for immediate septic service when your toilet is backing up or drain field is all wet. We proudly serve
customers throughout Mooresville, Davidson, Huntersville, Cornelius, Concord, Denver, Matthews, Mint Hill, Charlotte, and Statesville.